Takeda Hamono is a small blacksmith shop founded in 1920. Shosui Takeda's father moved his business to Niimi in 1951 and made hand-forged blades and tools such as kitchen knives, hoes, axes, etc. Master blacksmith Shosui Takeda has succeeded in forging blades of very high quality Aogami Super carbon steel. These are iconic blades that have been sold worldwide to knife enthusiasts and professionals looking for high performance cutting tools. The blades are made of "AS", completely forged by hand, as has been done for generations.


With his two workers, he has been making the same style of kitchen knives for decades. Takeda san worked to perfect one of the most difficult steels forging for a blacksmith. Hitachi Blue Super steel has one of the best cutting edge retention of all steels. Takeda is considered to be one of the few Japanese knife manufacturers to master this material and continues to progress.