The long, narrow and graceful blade of the Sujihiki allows you to cut meat or fish in a single movement, from heel to toe.


These Japanese knives with narrow blades and the relatively sharp edge angle of the Sujihiki are characteristics which considerably reduce the effort required to cut the ingredients. The combination of the cutting technique, the acute angle of the blade and the cutting edge reduces cellular damage to the cutting surface. This is especially important for dishes where the fish is eaten raw, as it helps preserve the original flavor and texture of the fish.



If you find yourself often cutting fillets or thinly slicing fish or meat, Sujihiki is the perfect knife for you. However, if you only work with fish or are passionate about making sushi or sashimi, try a Yanagiba, the traditional Japanese knife with a unique design is designed precisely for this purpose. In fact, Sujihiki is often considered the western equivalent of Yanagiba because their uses are similar.