Stay Sharp is proud to offer you its sharpening services.


After several years of expertise as a chef, the art of sharpening knives on Japanese water stones has no secrets for Olivier. Many chefs and cooks trust him to take care of their precious knives.


Each knife is meticulously inspected between the different stages of sharpening. Subsequently, the knife is tested to be certain that it is ready to be returned to its owner. Otherwise, he will have to go back to the first stone and start the process again until he reaches the high standards of the company.


Sharpening is essential to keep your knife in good condition. It is for this reason that Stay Sharp recommends that you maintain your knives on water stones at least six months apart. If you are a cook, this interval can easily be halved.


Stay Sharp understands how important your knives are to you. It is therefore essential to return them to you as quickly as possible. Stay Sharp therefore undertakes to carry out the work within 24 to 72 working hours.


It depends on the length of the knife in millimeters. In the event of breakage, broken tips or reshaping, an assessment will be made on site to assess the damage and estimate the costs.

Ryoba (double tranchant)

12$ -60mm à 120mm

15$ -125mm à 160mm

20$ -165mm à 210mm

25$ -215mm à 270mm

30$ -275mm et 330mm

Kataba (Simple tranchant)

15$ -60mm à 120mm

20$ -125mm à 160mm

25$ -165mm à 210mm

30$ -215mm à 270mm

35$ -275mm et 330mm


To make an appointment, please write us an email at or call 514-742-0182.