Yu Kurosaki SG2 Senko Bunka 165mm Maple wood no.2

Yu Kurosaki SG2 Senko Bunka 165mm Maple wood no.2

Blacksmith: Yu Kurosaki 黒 崎 優

Region: Echizen-Fukui

Profile: Bunka

Steel Type: Powder Steel

Steel: SG2

Neck: Ambrosia maple wood

Blade length: 165mm

Finish: Tsuchime

Hardness: 63-65 HRC

Channel Manufacturer: Martin Trembay

Series: September 2020 no.2

Angle: Ambidextrous


Yu Kurosaki:


Yu Kurosaki apprenticed with Hiroshi Kato one of the greatest blacksmiths of recent decades. Kato-san taught him well since he received his designation as a master blacksmith by the Echizen Blacksmith Foundation only 17 years after he started blacksmithing in Kanehiro-Uchi-Hamono in 2002. Kurosaki-san claims he was not not a natural blacksmith, he thought several times to stop his apprenticeship. After selling his first knife to an extremely satisfied customer, his confidence grew exponentially. Since that day his desire to make blades for cooks has exploded!


Its knives represent the future of forging in Japan as it focuses on traditional technique while utilizing innovative and progressive designs and finishes that have caught the attention of many chefs around the world.


I am extremely happy to introduce this range of knives right here at Stay Sharp in Montreal.


I strongly believe that the technique and the hundreds of years of expertise that the Japanese have in the art of forging are unmatched! However in Quebec we have a definite talent for cabinet making, as confirmed by these magnificent handles personalized by Martin Tremblay.


Martin Tremblay:


He is passionate about quality objects, both their design and their beauty, without compromising on function. He discovered a passion, among other things, for woodworking and Japanese kitchen knives. A happy marriage occurred when he produced his first knife handles and sayas to his standards. He strives to choose, among the most beautiful species of wood, the pieces that present the most aesthetic textures and colors. he hopes to offer you a product that will know how to preserve or awaken your passion for cooking.


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