Takaka No Hamono Silver # 3 Suiboku Gyuto 240mm Ho Wood

Takaka No Hamono Silver # 3 Suiboku Gyuto 240mm Ho Wood

Brand: Takada no Hamono 高田 ノ ハ モ ノ
Smith: Blacksmith Shiraki 白木 刃 物
Production area: Sakai-Osaka / Japan
Profile: Gyuto
Size: 240mm
Steel type: stainless steel
Steel: Yasuki Silver # 3 (Ginsan), soft stainless steel coating
Handle: Ho wood and Buffalo horn
Total length: 388 mm
Edge length: 226 mm
Length from handle to tip: 240 mm
Blade height: 47 mm
Thickness: 2.7mm
Handle length: 144 mm
Weight: 153g
Hand orientation: ambidextrous
Grinder: Mitsuaki Takada


Takada no Hamono


Mitsaki Takada is a knife maker in Sakai, he worked for Ashi Hamono since 2004 before founding TAKADA no HAMONO in 2018. He is versatile and has great expertise in Hamaguri style convex sharpening. Its polishing technique is innovative and unique. The brand concept is multidimensional. This is expressed through his choice of logos that resemble the sun or a star. He is passionate about creating pieces that make those around them happy. With this multi-sided philosophy in mind, he focuses not only on blade making (forging and sharpening), but also on cabinetry and leather craftsmanship. Mitsuaki Takada believes that detail is life! - His love of craftsmanship and kitchen knife making is evident in his attention to the smallest details.



These knives have a fine cutting feel and its sharpness has excellent service life. They represent an exciting new generation of Sakai craftsmen producing top quality work. I am extremely fortunate to work with Takada no Hamono and to represent this company in Montreal.


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